Verti+ is the King of Verticals

High Quality Vertical Blinds Brisbane Verti Plus

Not all window furnishings are the same, and many manufacturers have different ideas
and definitions about what constitutes as “High Quality” custom made blinds.

VERTI+ is our flagship vertical blind, designed and manufactured strictly by Flower Blinds since 1992.

It represents the pinnacle of high quality vertical blinds Brisbane, and there really aren’t many (if any) competitors out there anymore that can compare with our high level of quality. Here’s why…

Original VB40 Design

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, the predominant type of vertical track systems available were the 40mm traditional profile.

They were thicker, stronger, and bigger than the cheap alternatives commonly available today on the market. The rails also featured a decorative mini-pelmet strip which was colour-matched with the blockout fabric.

While the VB40 profile is more expensive, Flower Blinds still use it, and our customers get to experience a product which has a significantly longer operating product life.

These days, the vast majority of manufactured verticals are made using slimline profiles, which are thinner, more flimsy, cheaper, and do not allow for as much free movement of the components inside the track itself.

This is critically important, as this trait alone adds years difference in the product life, as a track with more movement space (that is, the VB40 which we use) is unlikely to jam over time.

Metal Spacer Links

The biggest change in the industry has been the inception of plastic spacer links which connect the components inside the vertical blind track.

Our Verti+ uses a huge range of over 10 different sized stainless steel links, custom-calculated to achieve the perfect spread over the distance of the track.

The fact that they are metal adds years onto the life of the blind, as metal cannot break or snap or become brittle or wear.

By comparison, plastic spacer links age significantly quicker and break more easily. Moreso, when combined inside a slimline track, shorten the life of the blind even more. In many cases we have seen this combination used in the “builders range” or “promotional vip offers” of blinds offered to customers who just built their new homes.

UV Stabilized Componentry

Although these days most vertical blind components are UV-resistant to an extent, this wasn’t always the case. There are still many manufacturers (some who are big names Australia wide) who still use Non-UV stabilized parts which do not last as long.

Aluminium Wands

Traditionally vertical blinds were chain operated, but that variant has become discontinued and replaced by control wands in the interest of child safety and cord compliance.

Our Verti+ strong wands are made and assembled right here in our Brisbane blinds factory, and are made from aluminium. They outperform the PVC wands in every comparable aspects:

  1. Do Not Bend
  2. Do Not Fade
  3. Aesthetically More Pleasing
  4. Easier & Quicker Tilt Operation

Naturally, our strong aluminium wands are more expensive than the cheap pvc variants, however there is more labour involved, and the material costs are much higher.


Whilst technically not a product-related aspect, we find it amazing how many companies out there install vertical blinds over sliding doors without exceeding the architrave on each side to provide sufficient privacy and coverage from natural light.

This is fundamental for window coverings over doorways. Our Flower fitters always ensure just the right amount of blockage on each side of the glass sliding doors to ensure proper coverage, especially when installing panel glide blinds or vertical blinds.

100% Australian Cotton

All our Vertical blinds (slats) are stitched using 100% Australian cotton, instead of nylon which is predominantly used by most manufacturers as a cost effective alternative to cotton. Cotton is a natural product with natural sun resistance, where as nylon becomes brittle and breaks apart over time.

We use an extensive range of over 50 different colours to colour-match and complement the cotton to the fabric for best visual results. Nylon by comparison is clear, which is another reason why most manufacturers have adopted it as the standard and default choice. Nylon is cheaper and results in quicker manufacturing of products.

Some “Premium” Australian manufacturers even go a step further by avoiding sewing altogether and actually use pressed glue. In our observation, all blinds made with glue have a set expiry date for their own un-stitching (or rather un-glueing in this case), and this is further sped up in areas of high sun or heat exposure.

Flower Blinds is one of the last companies in Brisbane to still utilize cotton for its stitching. It comes at a higher skill, labour and material cost, but we are set on only providing quality products to our customer base.

More Stitch Points

Our vertical blind slats are stitched in a zig zag style which has more stitch points over the surface. Why is this important?

Increased durability, so that the stitching never comes undone.

We use Industrial Automatic Sewing machines, which have also been set up to perform double stitching at the beginning and end of each stitch, for even further strength. This is just one of the many explanations as to why and how our blinds live upward of 30 years in many people’s homes.

Even the Bottom Weights

Our attention to detail with the Verti+ continues even on the components which may seem insignificant to most — such as the bottom weights.

There are notable differences in the bottom weights available, even though they look almost identical and serve the same purpose.

The cheap ones are PVC plastic, they are lighter in weight, and are useless.

The mid-range ones used by most blinds companies, in our opinion have design flaws. The flat ends on each side aren’t wide enough to hold the weight firmly inside the slat, resulting in them falling out more easily during movement. This only helps create the illusion of verticals being “cheap” and “nasty”, especially when most brands use these cheaper parts.

The Verti+ bottom weights are the original Acmeda variant, with a wider end, preventing it from falling out when operating the blind. Not made from plastic, but a crushed rock fusion, they are also slightly heavier, more robust, and pass our bend test with flying colours.

Final Thoughts... and Wrapping this Article up

Custom Made Vertical Blinds are a great choice of window treatments; highly suitable over larger windows and doors, and are an economical alternative to roller blinds, roman blinds, curtains, and shutters.

The Bad News…

In our 30 year history, we have seen many changes occur in the blinds industry in Australia, and unfortunately many of those changes relate directly to the decline of the level of quality available. The bar has been set so low in the industry, that what used to be considered “cheap and nasty” is now considered by everyone as “high quality”.

The Good News…

Luckily, Flower Blinds right here in Brisbane is one of the last few remaining blinds companies to still take the time to manufacture according to high quality standards.

We have no intention of bragging by publishing this article, but would like to keep the consumer-base informed of their options. When comparing quotes, keep everything that was mentioned above in mind.

The reasons outlined above, show why we believe our Verti+ Vertical Blind is the king of all vertical blinds, and this is evident in the continuous appreciation and commendation we receive from all of our customers, claiming with 100% unwavering certainty to have received outstanding customer service and a product proven to last more than 30 years.

It is not uncommon, for our customers from 20, 25 or even 30 years ago, to return to us mentioning that their blinds still work, but that they just want replacement fabric slats to freshen and renew the decor.

Also, since the 90’s our fabric selection has significantly moved forward with the latest window fashion, and we offer a broad varied choice of modern fabrics and colours (including light filtering, blockout, translucent) which suit all modern and traditional style homes.

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