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Timber Venetians

A Perfect choice for heritage and traditional style homes!

Did you know…that Timber Venetians do not originate from Venice? They are actually a light and privacy control product originally from Persia. It was the Venetian traders who discovered the window covering, who then brought it back to Venice — which was then popularized as a Venetian Blind.

Flower Blinds’ modernized version of this classic blind, has gone through hundreds of design improvements in Australia, in order to:

  1. Improve Durability in Wet Areas
  2. Suit the Latest Trends in Home Design
  3. Meet (our) High Quality Standards

What do we mean by “Our” High Quality Standards? The range of wood and timber Venetian products available in the Brisbane market is incredibly extensive and can be confusing for consumers when they search for their ideal timber blinds. Most systems out there don’t pass our own quality tests which we laid out, to evaluate durability and product longevity. They all look good, and often it can be hard to tell the difference between a low and high quality timber blind at first glance. Both allow for light control. The difference can however be seen “inside” the actual headrail or by finely dissecting the slat composition. The difference can be noticed in the price. The difference will show up after 2 or 3 years when the cheap alternatives start to sag, fade, crack and fray, or when each individual timber slat has to be finely lacquered to maintain its warranty. We acknowledge these customer concerns — hence why our product range consists of two thoroughly tested systems manufactured to stand the test of time.

Our Quality Focus

We utilize metal support casings inside the heavy duty headrail to maintain sturdy support. Large Venetians may get heavy, so the system has to support the weight. Many alternatives either have plastic casings or nothing at all.

Both our Gallery and Econowood range are made from extruded polymer material, which is resistant to fading, cracking and warping. The coating is not an afterthought, but fused together with the respective colour during the slat moulding process at high temperatures – this is how stronger anti-fade properties are achieved. Finally, they are factory kiln-dried for additional robustness.

The latest 2022 blinds technology allows us to provide a truly great “custom timber style product” which is UV-stabilized, giving it higher resistance across a broader spectrum of environmental conditions. Hence why our timber Venetians are ideal for humid areas, such as bathrooms, toilets, and laundries (and even kitchens if you consider the sink a wet area). They’re designed to better resist the moisture in the air.

Features and Benefits


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean Venetian Blinds?

The quickest method is to close the slats, and then using a feather duster or dry cloth, wipe each slat individually. For a bit more thorough clean, use a damp cloth, but ensure it is not a wet cloth to avoid introducing too much moisture into the timber. Some timber blind variants require yearly lacquering and oiling.

What is the Largest recommended width and drop?

We recommend a maximum width and height of 2400 mm, but they can be custom made up to 2670mm wide and 3000mm drop. Technically we can make them wider, but at the cost of voided warranty.

What is the warranty on these Venetian Blinds?

This is the most common question we get about our timber Venetians. Our Gallery range boasts a 5 year warranty, and our Econowood range has a 3 year warranty.

How do I stop my Venetian blinds from Banging?

All our Venetians come with hold down clips, used for locking the blinds down to stop them from moving, swaying and rattling. With a similar effect to shutters, the Venetian hold down clips allow you to freely keep the window open for breeze and airflow, whilst preserving privacy.

Are Wooden Blinds good for Privacy?

Yes – Wooden Blinds offer better light control and privacy control than roller blinds, as you have complete control over the angle and tilt of the slats.

Properly installed, it should not only complement the home and any room inside it, but be installed within the correct window depth. A correct measure also will ensure better privacy and less light gaps.

How Much do Timber Venetian Blinds Cost?

We offer 2 ranges of timber blinds; a mid-range Econowood, and a more premium version called Gallery. Both types are designed to last a long time and to look great in any space. They’re not without their price tag, but are a great cost effective substitute to plantation shutters.

What are the blinds made from?

Both our Econowood and Gallery range are made from Extruded Polymer for a number of very important reasons. When considering the alternatives:

  1. Real Natural Timber variants are great, but they’re more susceptible to moisture and natural timber ageing. Premium styles such as the Western Red Cedar often require each slat to be Bi-annually lacquered with special oil, so the maintenance can be too much for customers.

  2. PVC and Plastic slat Venetians are simply weaker, and are reserved for the budget or ready-made markets.

  3. Faux wood Venetians have been popularized in latest news as “ecological”, as they generally will not contain any wood at all. They are an artificial product often made using synthetic recycled materials and other plastics. Sometimes faux can be lighter in weight, as air has been injected in the slats, but this also makes them less robust and prone to chipping.

For these reasons our timber blinds range consists of only high density polymer materials (comprising of course of some real timber to achieve a natural timber appearance).

We also sell Aluminium Venetian blinds as an alternative to the timber style.

Are Venetians Child Safe?

Yes. Properly installed and cleated off, they pose no strangulation threat to infants or small pets in your home. The lifting cords are actually unified at a certain height to become 1 cord, so that the blind will always lift up evenly.

Are Venetians still Popular?

Modern house design has popularized shutters as the ideal window covering, creating competition with traditional Venetians. Both are great on windows and offer very good light control through slat tilting. Both generally will complement any room that they are in. Timber Venetians will offer more diverse colours, and are the more economical option.

Do they only come in White?

No – we have a broad selection of colours available. White is most popular, however there are a number of earthy tones to choose from as well.

In-Home Consultations

Our consultants offer a pressure-free quotation service, showing you available colours, and allowing you to decide on your purchase in your own time. No superficial pushy sales reps, just good old service as it should be, coupled with professional advice.

Our Brisbane team of experienced fitters perform a free measure, and offer perfection in their installation. They install according to a strict set of requirements.

In-Home Consultations

For a timeless, warm, and natural look for your home, consider Timber Venetian blinds. The contemporary featured exuded from the natural timber style truly changes the visual appeal of your home — and all your friends will ask you “Where did you get your Venetians from?

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