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Terms & Conditions (Effective February 2023)


  1. Quotes are valid for 30 days at the discretion of Flower Blinds
  2. In the even of non-payment by the purchaser, they will be responsible for all legal costs incurred by Flower Blinds to retrieve debts.
  3. Quotes are usually summarized for the convenience of the customer, however itemized quotes or split orders below the value of $500 incur an installation fee subject to the Discretion of Flower Blinds.
  4. All existing window furnishings must be removed prior to install unless other arrangements have been made or included in the quote. A Minimum charge of $5 per blind applies if existing blinds are not removed.
  5. Once an order is placed, it will be the customers responsibility to ensure access is provided to the site for installation within the hours of 8:30am-3:00pm Monday to Friday.
  6. It is the customers’ responsibility to inform Flower Blinds of any obstacles, pipes, on-site dogs, or danger near the installation locations prior to placing an order. Failure to do so may result in additional installation fees determined by the company.
  7. Any changes made to the location where window furnishings have been quoted for installation, may result in additional fees incurred if the goods do not fit. Flower Blinds takes no responsibility in such case if the blind does not fit or function properly, or has larger light gaps as a result of these changes made after measuring.
  8. Any prices or quotes based off plans, blueprints or customer provided measurements are only estimated and are subject to a check-measure.
  9. In the event of a service request for work or repairs to be done to window furnishings not covered by warranty, a minimum call-out fee will be charged amounting to a fee determined by the company.
  10. Any products ordered outside of the recommended manufacturers scope will be subject to void-warranty at the discretion of Flower Blinds. The customer will be notified prior to proceeding with the order.
  11. Customers acknowledge that Flower Blinds staff are not qualified colour consultants or interior decorators. Any suggestions or recommendations are strictly their opinions only, and the customer takes full responsibility for the choice of materials, products or colours ordered.


  1. All quotes require a 50% deposit in order to be processed as orders.
  2. Work orders received from real estates, property managers, and other asset management firms, act as a binding contract of sale with Flower Blinds.
  3. Any orders for “supply only” are ordered at the risk of the Customer. Flower Blinds takes no responsibility for measurements and/or work not undertaken by our own representatives, including any measuring mistakes or discrepancies, or for the quality of installation.
  4. Purchase Acceptance. By placing a deposit or sending an email order confirmation, this acts as a contract of sale with Flower Blinds. Any cancellation or changes requested may be subject to a fee determined by the company, but are otherwise not allowed.
  5. Flower Blinds strives to ensure orders are fulfilled in as quick time-frame as possible, and will process orders immediately after order confirmation. For certain products not manufactured by Flower Blinds, this further means that orders cannot be cancelled after placing them.
  6. All Orders are custom made and cannot be reused.
  7. All installed or supplied products are the property of Flower Blinds until full balance is paid, and permission may be granted freely to Flower Blinds representatives to enter the premises and remove the unpaid goods.
  8. Flower Blinds reserves the right of non-acceptance of any orders placed.


  1. Estimated delivery dates are estimates only. Flower Blinds takes no responsibility for delays beyond reasonable control. We endevour to deliver in as timely manner as possible, however approximate delivery dates are not binding. In any instances were Flower Blinds fails to meet the approximate delivery date, this shall not be construed as non-performance by Flower Blinds, and will not provide suitable grounds for cancellations in the event approximate delivery times are not precisely met.


  1. Minor variations may occur in between product batches.
  2. Flower Blinds maintains to the industry standard that any products will be free from imperfections visible to the naked eye at a distance of 1.5m
  3. Where possible we aim to ensure the perfect fitting blinds. In the event of obstructions such as wall tiles, skirting boards, or severely crooked windows/openings, the blinds may have to be made smaller to ensure proper operation. If as a result of this, the light gaps may be larger than usual, then Flower Blinds can not be held responsible.
  4. All window furnishings will incur some degree of light-bleed, subject to the nature of product, type of installation, and standard deductions taken. Tolerances are as follows: Shutters 4-6mm, Roller Blinds 25-35mm, Vertical Blinds 5-20mm, Roman Blinds 3-40mm, Panel Glides 20mm, Venetians 4-10mm.


  1. Product Warranties come into effect after full payment has been made for the order.
  2. Product Warranty is “non transferable” and applies only to the original purchaser of the goods.
  3. All Flower Blinds products are manufactured to a high standard, using only the highest quality parts and components available. Some items are 100% Australian made, whilst others are either imported or made in Australia using parts from overseas providers. We intend to continue using only the best suppliers for our products so that your blinds outlive you and the Australian climate. Keep in Mind that Warranty does not indicate the life of the product. All our products have been tried and tested under deliberate harsh conditions, and are guaranteed to last – however this warranty does not cover accidental damage caused to the blinds, or damages caused by misuse, excessive force, snapping, fire, accidents, or alterations to the original blind.
  4. All Flower Blinds products maintain a manufacturers warranty (varies depending on product) and are guaranteed against mechanical faults in domestic use.
  5. Flower Blinds will repair or replace faulty goods at its discretion where such products have proven faulty in operation.
  6. All installations maintain a 12 month warranty.
  7. Roller Blind mechanisms and operation is covered by a manufacturers warranty starting from 3 years up to 5 years, depending on system used.
  8. Vertical Blind Tracks are covered by a manufacturers warranty starting from 3 years up to 5 years, depending on system used.
  9. Fabric Warranty is determined by the brand fabric chosen. This can range from 3-10 years, depending on chosen fabric.
  10. All PVC, Poly-timber, Poly-resin and Powder-coated products exposed to natural elements (such as wind, sun, water, rain, pollution) will fade or deteriorate over time if not cared for and maintained appropriately. We recommend all window furnishings be cleaned regularly to remove any buildup of dust, debis or dirt. This can safely be done using a non-abrasive damp cloth.
  11. Metal Chains (even Stainless Steel) may oxidize over the long-term life of the product if exposed to humid conditions. This is why we recommend fused UV-resistant plastic chains where possible which are highly durable.


** Please note: these terms and conditions are subject
to change and be updated at any time without notice. **