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Plantation Shutters

Choose the absolute best performing shutter for your windows, with Australia’s Number #1 Choice of Fusion Plus plantation shutters.

Boasting not a 20 year warranty, but an incredible limited lifetime warranty — these are designed and build to last a lifetime, far exceeding and outperforming other available shutter brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean my Shutters?

Shutters are easy to clean with zero chemicals required. The simplest way is with a feather duster, but a clean damp cloth can also be used. A “magic eraser” is also incredibly effective against pen marks, make-up, and ring scratches. See the fusion plus care and maintenance guide for more.

Why are they so expensive…and just how are Fusion Plus Shutters so much stronger than other Alternatives?

Fusion Plus Plantation Shutters are designed with one overarching goal in mind – advanced durability.

With an aluminium core running all throughout every part of the shutter, the panels are supported against potential sagging or incorrect tilt rotation over the long term. The advanced polymer is actually a PVC carbon composite, made up of different types of plastics and timber, fused together in a high temperature moulding process. The end result is a shutter which cannot possibly dis-colour over time, as the colour is imbued into the slat at the time of manufacture. There is no paint and the colour is not an afterthought.

What is the Warranty?

The warranty on Fusion Plus Shutters is an incredible Limited Lifetime Warranty. The shutters are warranted for performance, and cover manufacturing defects and workmanship. See the full detailed warranty here.

Are they Australian Made?

Our Fusion Plus plantation shutters are sourced directly from China. There are very few companies remaining in Australia which actually manufacture 100% Australian-made shutters due to the high manufacture cost. It is highly unlikely in South East Queensland to find an actual provider of 100% Australian Shutters.

There are many companies claiming 100% Australian made and promising installation within 14 days of order, however these most likely are 100% Cut-Down in Australia from Shutters sourced from China.

What is the Waiting Time?

Fusion Plus Shutters are usually delivered in 6-8 weeks, with variable exceptions during peak periods such as Christmas. They are sourced directly from China, and can be subject to international shipping delays.

Should I choose Blinds or Shutters?

When it comes to home improvement and window furnishing, you have countless options available. New Plantation Shutters can breath fresh life into any room, and are a popular choice for new homes (particularly front windows). The 3 most important aspects to consider are:

  1. Whether the shutters would complement the style of your home
  2. Whether they will be practical on your windows
  3. Whether they could block any nice views you have

Airflow is a shutters strongest practical feature. With open windows, Vertical or Roller Blinds will sway in the breeze. Interior window Shutters however are fixed onto the window frame, with hinged panels. The slats can be adjusted to allow light control and full airflow without any banging or swaying.

What is the Difference between a Plantation Shutter and a Regular Shutter?

An interesting answer… Back in Ancient Greece, shutters were made out of Marble and designed to control the elements. The slats were slimmer. Regular shutter blinds (made now from timber or plastic) follow this style, but generally with less variety, customization, and colour options. Plantation shutters have more options, and are generally distinguished by having wider louvers than traditional shutters.

Polymer Vs Aluminium Vs Timber Vs PVC Shutters

Plantation shutters can be manufactured using various different materials, each serving their own purpose and capturing a different type of market. Polymer and Timber variants are most popular for interior use. Aluminium shutters should be used for exterior applications, as they attract heat and are not suitable for indoor use. PVC Shutters do not have the longevity of their polymer or timber counterparts, and cost a lot less as a result. The price difference between polymer and timber can be quite substantial, as natural painted timber has a higher material cost, making the polymer variant more affordable.

How Should they be Fitted?

All our plantation shutters are professionally installed to specifically suit the opening. Why is this important? Because a shutter consists of a frame which is installed onto the window or doorway. The panels are hinged off the frame, so the frame installation is the most important part. Sliding shutters are also available.

Sliding doors generally will have a face fit. This type of installation is accompanied with sliding hardware hanging on a channel system, or glide between a top channel and bottom runner.

Shutters installed inside a window will have a recess fit. Generally the shutter frame type will depend on the window frame type and window measurements (and shape). A very wide window width of more than 2100mm could require support T-Posts, though if possible our expert advice would be to opt for a bi folding configuration for better access to the window.

Are Shutters still in Fashion 2022?

The latest trends in window fashion have substantially increased the desire for custom made shutters. While there is a drive towards shutters, many people are furnishing their windows with also roller blinds and curtains, or sometimes a combination of all three types of blinds. A popular look in modern homes is sheer curtains face fitted over shutters. This new interior style has been seen on TV, magazines, and show homes.

Will Shutters add Value to my House?

Window Shutters have been said to add “Kerb Appeal” to the front of the house. Technically speaking, they do not add value to a house price, but can definitely increase sellability by enhancing the look and style of the house. A simple roller blind may not give the same impression, where as a Plantation Shutter is more than just a window treatment; it can be made as a feature too.

What Colour Options are Available?

The colour range is based on popular Dulux whites, including: White on White, Vivid White, Lexicon Half, Natural White, Whisper White, Ecru Half, Hogs Bristle 1/4, Surf Mist, and Snow Season.

Free In-Home Consultation

Our consultants offer a pressure-free quotation service, showing you available options and colour, but allowing you to decide on your purchase in your own time. No superficial pushy sales reps, just good old service as it should be, coupled with professional advice.

Our Brisbane team of experienced fitters perform a free measure, and offer perfection in their installation. They install according to a strict set of guides.

There is no better way to enhance your window furnishings than with Flower Blinds’ largest range of custom made Fusion Plus interior plantation shutters.

Final Thoughts

Flower Blinds’ range of Fusion Plus Plantation Shutters are engineered with incredible attention to detail, focusing on maximizing strength and stability. They are made suitable for most windows, wet areas, bathrooms, and overall even tropical climates. They are highly stylish, and the perfect choice for customers who want a long lasting premium product.

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