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Security Screens Brisbane

Keep your home safe and free from intruders with our entire lineup of high end security screens and security doors.

Locally made right here in Brisbane, our security screens are manufactured with significantly more attention to detail than the average window screens. Our screens are riveted in every second connection point for an even stronger build, rather than every 4th, 5th or even 6th connection join.

We use True 7mm thick aluminium, not 5mm which is only classified as a safety screen.

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Wide Selection of Insect Mesh

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Buildout and when is it needed?

A Buildout is a strong extruded aluminium frame, used to “Build…Out” and extend the existing frame. This is only needed where the timber door handle would interfere with the aluminium door handle, or, where the existing frame (on which the new security door would get installed) is not strong enough and requires reinforcing.

Do Flower Blinds’ Security Products meet the Australian Standards?

Our screen doors and windows surpass A127 and AS5039 standards as our manufacturing goes beyond this requirement to create a finished product.

What is the Difference between Single Lock and Triple Lock?

A single lock has only 1 locking mechanism (a.k.a tongue) in the center of the door, which means the top and bottom parts of the door aren’t secure and are vulnerable. A triple lock provides 3 locking mechanisms (top, middle, and bottom) securing the door and installation in multiple points.

Typically for security hinge doors, we would recommend triple locks, where as for sliding doors, we would recommend single locks (given that they slide into a channel and by default act like a triple lock automatically).

Should I get Door Closers?

Door closers are a nice feature on hinged security screen doors, as they automatically and mechanically close the door without it slamming. Sliding Security doors can have water closers which are designed for the same purpose, though are less popular.

Snib Guard Necessary?

Snib Guards are a plastic barrier which go between the handle and security mesh, and are designed to prevent intruders from unlocking the snib by reaching through the outside. They are a nice feature on diamond grille security doors, but are obsolete on stainless steel security doors.

Are Security Screens worth it?

Security Screens are a “Better safe than sorry” product. If the main aim is to keep insects out, then Flyscreens would suffice, though for any home, we always recommend at least security windows and screen doors.

Some customers find that the diamond design of security screens takes away visual appeal, and prefer the cleaner look of the marine grade stainless steel. Some modern houses, even are significantly more complemented by having a cleaner appearance; for example premium entertainment areas which benefit from the uninterruptible views provided by the stainless steel security.

What is Security Screen Material?

Both the grille and frame of our security screens which we use for windows are made from durable aluminium. Upgrading to Forcefield will upgrade the security mesh to a 316 marine grade stainless version, which is significantly stronger.

How important is the installation itself?

Installing security screens and security screen doors is best left to the experts. There are DIY options available online, though we have found over 30 years that the more experienced fitters are worth their weight in gold. At Flower Blinds, only the most experienced fitters represent our installation team, installing security products at the highest level. Our Brisbane customers feel safe, knowing their Brisbane security screens are secure with proper professional installation.

How Long do Doors Last?

The longevity of security doors and window screens depends greatly on a number of factors, including environmental exposure, usual wear and tear, and the level of care provided by the consumer. It is not unusual to get a solid 30 years out of your screen doors and windows.

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Our consultants offer a pressure-free quote service, showing you available options, and allowing you to decide on your purchase in your own time. No superficial pushy sales reps, just good old service as it should be, coupled with honest advice.

Our Brisbane team of experienced fitters perform a free measure and quote, and offer perfection in their installation. Their installation is performed according to a strict set of requirements.

There is no better way to secure your home than with Flower Blinds’ range of high quality custom made security screens.

Free In-Home Consultations

Keeping intruders out has never been easier in Brisbane, with Flower Blinds’ range of high quality security screens. Whether its the 7mm diamond grille security, or high quality prowler proof, our highly experienced team of fitters have always gone above and beyond in their installation service to ensure all home owners and customers are satisfied with their final.

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