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Roman Blinds Brisbane

Do as the Romans do… and get privacy in Style.

Roman Blinds create the perfect ambient space using soft fabrics, whilst achieving clean lines with uninterruptible views. The custom made Roman Blinds offered by Flower Blinds include a free “Upgrade” to a heavy duty chain-based mechanism achieving two major benefits: easier operation, and greater durability. No more cleating, and no more clicky cord-locks.

Roman Blinds’ operation is traditional. Instead of the rolling motion found in roller blinds or the side motion of vertical blinds, the segments of the roman blinds pleat and fold themselves up evenly as you operate the chain. Our Roman System is built with an upholstered timber headrail for even greater durability, rather than just an aluminium track by itself. This is the proper way Roman Blinds should be made – though the industry seems to be shifting away from this high quality level in place for more cost-effective alternatives.

Features & Benefits

3 Styles Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between Roman Blinds and Roman Shades?

The origins of Roman Shades date back to ancient Rome’s Colosseum, where retractable soft fabrics were used to create shade for spectators. They would come in various shades and sizes and be highly resistant to moisture accumulation. Roman shades evolved into Roman blinds by use of more advanced window furnishing methods and modern components, achieving a folding effect when opened or raised. In Brisbane, the two terms are used interchangeably.

Do Roman Blinds look better in the Recess or on the Face?

Roman blinds are more bulky than most other custom blinds. Whilst they could be recess fitted inside a window, it is more practical and sensible for installation to be done on the face of the window for 2 main reasons: The operating chain is hidden behind the roman blind, so chain access is easier when on face, and secondly, better blockage and privacy is achieved when fitting on face as it is measured larger than the window (with less light bleed on the sides).

Why are Roman Blinds so Expensive?

For 3 Main Reasons: the High Labour Cost, the Durable UV-Stabilized fabrics used, and the time requirement during manufacture.

Custom Roman Blinds are the most complex of all window furnishings, manufactured to the highest standards in Australia. They are meticulously custom crafted, with a tremendous amount of time and detail required to assemble even the simplest of roman blinds.

Even though from time to time we launch VIP offers here in Brisbane, the typical customer will think twice about choosing Roman Blinds, as they are not a budget friendly choice, even when compared with the premium pricing of Plantation Shutters or Quality Curtains.

Can Roman Blinds be Motorized?

Technically yes, though this is not a common practice in this product selection. A Roman blind with a Chain or Cord-Lock system cannot be retrofitted.

What are the Benefits of Roman Blinds?

They are best suited in traditional homes with tall casement windows, as when installed, they are assured to maintain their timeless consistent style over decades, and will continue to look great for many more to come, whilst other styles will change in popularity and trends.

Roman Blinds VS Roller Blinds — How do they Compare?

Blinds are primarily chosen for the purpose of blocking out sunlight and achieving privacy. There are many ways to accomplish this, and each type of blind is designed to address specific needs of a room and/or other local conditions. Customers often compare the option of a roman blind with shutters and curtains, but most commonly with roller blinds – so how do they compare?


VISUAL APPEALModernTraditional
COSTMore Popular & AffordablePremium Price Point similar to Shutters
INSULATIONHigh – Subject to Chosen FabricHigh – Subject to Chosen Fabric

Romans come in 3 styles and the colour of the chains and battens can be customized. Roller blinds offer more customization options, including: brackets, chains, bottom rail shape and colour, motorization, and full enclosed cassettes.

The right fabric will mostly repel dust particles. As roman blinds are more complex, they are harder to take down and clean. A roller blind is comparatively much easier.

Both Romans and Rollers weigh evenly in terms of privacy as when closed (completely down) they cover the entire opening. When our reps perform a free measure, they consider a number of factors which could affect privacy and light bleed, and from this would measure and install accordingly.

What is the maximum width of a Roman Blind?

Due to the softer nature of the fabric, the maximum warranted width is 2410mm.

What fabrics are available?

There is a broad selection of stylish fabrics available to suit individual needs for new window treatments. Blockout fabrics are most popular blinds Brisbane due to the insulation and protection they provide against the Queensland summer. Sheer Roman blinds can also be made, though generally aren’t as popular as their variants which use translucent fabrics.


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When looking for Roman blinds Brisbane or Gold Coast, our consultants offer a pressure-free quotation service, showing you available colours, and allowing you to decide on your purchase in your own time. No superficial pushy sales reps, just good old service as it should be, coupled with professional advice. A complete service.

Our Brisbane team of experienced fitters perform a free measure, and offer perfection in their installation. They install according to a strict set of requirements.

FREE In-Home Consultations

Consider custom made Roman Blinds for your window treatments to add an element of flair and attraction. These quality window furnishings have impeccable insulation qualities which are highly effective against various harsh conditions in Brisbane and Australia, but at the same time are a great product over traditional windows.

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