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Roller Blinds Brisbane

Master the Light with Flower Blinds’ extensive range of quality custom made Roller Blinds.

Shopping for new blinds in Brisbane has never been as exciting as it is now in 2024 – with the widest selection of roller blind fabrics and styles available than ever before in Australia. Highly customizable, our roller blinds are made suit your interior decor, whilst maximizing practicality on every level.

Features & Benefits


Double Roller Blinds

For even more privacy and light control, consider double roller blinds (also known as Day and Night Roller Blinds) as a more advanced window covering solution.

This is where 2 sets of roller blinds are installed onto the same one window or door, usually with the sunscreen or sheer roller blind fitted behind, and the block out fabric in front.

This can be achieved in 2 ways; either by using special double brackets, or more commonly, by fitting the sheer blind inside the reveal, and the blackout roller blinds back-rolled on the face of the architrave.


With blinds technology becoming more advanced in Australia, there is a increasing interest in “smart” and motorised blinds. These are blinds which are operated with a remote control, and can be either be hard-wired by an electrician, or powered with a Lithium Ion re-chargeable battery (charged using a simple power cable in a similar manner to a mobile phone).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between REVEAL and FACE?

This is simply blinds terminology referring to how the blind would be fitted. A “Face Fit” blind would be installed on the face of the architrave (not inside). We measure it from outer left edge to outer right edge. A “Reveal” fit blind would be installed inside the window recess.

What is the Difference between STANDARD Roll and REVERSE Roll?

This refers to the roll direction of the fabric. Most Face-Fitted roller blinds would be back rolled (called STANDARD Roll) so that the light bleed is minimal. Most Reveal-Fitted roller blinds would be front rolled (called REVERSE) so that the fabric rolls flush with the architrave for a more streamlined look.

How Effective is Blockout Fabric?

High Quality Australian Blockout fabrics are 100% effective against direct sunlight and light from the sun, making them an excellent window treatment for any Brisbane home contending with Queensland summer conditions. They are a great solution for the office, a western-facing bathroom, media rooms, shift workers, and those who simply want daytime naps.

Our custom made blockout roller blinds can also be upgraded into a full cassette where the blind is hidden inside a modern hoodbox, where the blind operated within a set of deep channels. This further eliminates the natural light gaps found in standard single roller blinds, but coupled with blockout fabrics creates a stylish blackout solution.

What is Light Bleed?

This refers to the amount of light seeping through the side of the blind or between overlapping fabric slats like in closed Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds or plantation shutters. Roller Blinds have a very low level of light bleed they are made in one complete piece. There are some natural gaps along the sides of the blind and as well as a tiny gap between the roll and the top architrave.

For best results in minimizing the seeping effect, consider upgrading to a full box cassette with channels. Full blockout curtains with lined backing, whilst at a premium price point, will also achieve an excellent blockout result with minimal bleed.

Are Roller Blinds suitable over sliding doors?

Roller blinds (in a similar manner to shutters) are best suited for windows for practicality reasons. Most doorways slide, hence a “sliding blind” such as a vertical will work more practically across the opening hence why it is the more practical and highly recommended option. Both verticals and rollers can work well together, even in the same room, providing they are the same color.

Which Fabric Should I Choose?

We offer a wide range of styles to suit the desired look you wish to create in your house. Basic modern blockout is the most popular choice amongst new homes and does an excellent job at providing efficient and affordable privacy, heat and light control.

What is the Warranty?

Our core focus with every product is on durability and style, and this is especially reflected in our range of quality roller blinds. Depending on any special customization needs of the blinds, and chosen fabrics, our warranties span between 3 and 10 years.

The roller system we use is specifically built to achieve durable and smooth operation, and so that the main driver will never lose its tension over the long term. Some of our fabric range is made in Australia, achieving an amazing 10 years fabric warranty.

Free In-Home Consultations

Our consultants offer a pressure-free quotation service, showing you available blinds colours, and allowing you to decide on your purchase in your own time. No superficial pushy sales reps, just good old service as it should be, coupled with professional advice.

A common concern we have found that customers have, is choosing the wrong product or colour. This is why we recommend you book a free consultation with one of our consultants who are professionals in blinds.

Our Brisbane team of experienced fitters perform a free measure for blinds, and offer perfection in their installation. They install according to a strict set of requirements.

Feel free to visit our Brisbane factory to see our range of beautiful blinds in person, comparing fabrics, and discussing quality features with our team.

Final Thoughts

For a complete custom window furnishing service, consider roller blinds for your house, offering both practicality and modern style for your windows. Blockout blinds being the most popular window fashion for blinds Brisbane, they can certainly keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

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