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Panel Blinds

Redefine space with high quality Panel Blinds. Also known as Panel Glides or Panel Glide Blinds, they are the premium upgrade to Vertical Blinds.

Ideal for Supersized windows, Large Sliding Doors, and Bi Fold Doors, their elegant simplicity create a streamlined style in any home.

Features and Benefits


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Panel Blinds any Good?

Panel Glides are predominantly used as a feature to enhance the visuals in a room – and they do this incredibly well when compared with other modern window furnishings such as the latest trending curtains.

They offer a high level of privacy and light control, and have only minimum light bleed (with sufficient overlap in panels).

An interesting benefit to the panels is that they can be easily replaced in the even that single panels get damaged.

Should I choose Panel Glides or Vertical Blinds?

Both blinds are ideal for doorways, but each come with their own unique benefits.

Temperature Control & Light Control: Panel Glide Blinds generally will be better at regulating temperatures and heat coming into the home, due to their naturally wider slats and less light bleed (approx 70mm overlap) when compared with Verticals (approx 20mm).

In a fully open position though (whether a split stack or all to one side), the panel glide blinds take up significantly more space and cannot rotate to let light into the house (which a vertical can do).

Variety: The fabric and colour range of panel options is significantly more diverse than Verticals.

Maintenance and Repair: Both have easily replaceable parts. Individual panels on glide blinds can be replaced just as easily as individual slats on a vertical, though as panel blinds are a more premium product, their replacement cost is higher.

Cost: Verticals are more economical, whilst Panel Glide Blinds come at a premium price point.

Versatility: Verticals are more versatile than Panels and can be customized to suite a broader spectrum of fitting situations. One major benefit of Panel Glide Blinds is that they can be successfully used as a room divider.

Panel Blinds may not always be the right solution, as our modern Vertical Blinds will also achieve excellent aesthetics over your window or sliding door. When customers ask about Panel Blinds, our first question is “how big is the doorway”? In a small area, a panel glide blind will dominate the aesthetics, and may not create the desired appeal as seen in professional photography. A large window or door on the other hand, could really be complemented by this premium window covering.

What Fabric options do I have with Panel Glide Blinds?

There is a large range of fabrics available, each providing different unique benefits in their application. They come in various designs including: plain and simple, patterned, designer, and jacquard.

Sunscreen fabrics will let natural light to come into the home, maintaining the view by allowing to see through the fabric outside.

Light filtering (or Translucent) fabrics will filter daylight, though still allowing maximum light to enter through the windows or doors. This option does maintain higher privacy at night compared with sheer and sunscreen fabric.

For total privacy and excellent protection from the summer heat, the best and most popular choice is blockout fabric. This fabric is by far the most selected for sliding doors and larger windows in bedrooms. There are also Room Darkening variants available which marginally reduce the blackout effect.

How Large can Panel Glides be made?

As the biggest feature of the Panel Glide is to spread over extremely large windows and oversize doorways, they have the capacity to be manufactured up to 5800mm wide.

What is the Maximum Panel Size?

The panels are custom made to suit the spread of the entire blind. They generally have a maximum width up to 1200mm, depending on fabric type. The minimum width is 450mm.

How much do Panel Glide Blinds cost, and why are they so expensive?

There is a vast array of different profiles and Panel Track Systems available in the Brisbane Blinds marketplace. We find that for optimal performance over such large openings, the panel tracks require higher quality components in the form of stronger glider wheels and runners. Secondly, the way the fabric panels connect to the track determine how smooth and level the glide will be while opening the blind. Thirdly, and also critically important, is the design of the bottom weight. While technically we can stitch the bottom, we find customers are extremely happy with aesthetically pleasing aluminium bottom rails (rather than stitched-in bottom bars).

All things considered, our Panel Track Blinds have a heavy focus on product longevity and great quality, and this is reflected in our pricing. We do offer two versions: a mid-range panel glide, and also a more premium version called ‘panel glide plus’.

What is the Difference between Panel Glide and Panel Glide Plus?

It is our way of offering 2 types of panel track systems, for the purpose of meeting the different needs of different customers. The one system has velcro-connected panels, whilst the other has click-locked panels. Our mid-range product has a 3-year warranty, and our premium product has a 5-year warranty. Finally, the glide plus has the additional option of upgrading the base rail to a Silent D30 bottom rail.


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Final Thoughts

More contemporary than a curtain, this modern upgrade to the Vertical Blind is genuinely a stylish alternative to furnishing large openings and doorways.

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