Lift-Off, We have a Lift-Off — The Re-launch of our latest (and Best) Website to Date!

Flower Blinds Website Redesign

With over half a dozen website design iterations behind us, we’ve now reached our best looking, most informative and useful website ever! Why is this important…

In the past, at the very beginning of Flower Blinds, we have never given much focus on our online presence or our website.

We didn’t even have a website in the 90’s!

We grew to become a large “small business” selling blinds all around Brisbane…all without a website, purely by a lot of hard work, persistence, and dedication to our customers.

Our first website was in the early 2000’s which it’s best not to talk about.

Over the decade spanning towards the 2010’s we gradually made trivial improvements.

Finally as we begin the decade of the 2020’s… our brand new website is ready to go!

But it’s not just an empty website anymore…

We’ve primed and ready to deliver the most informative, action-packed and interesting website of all.

Our aim is to overload our visitors with information, pictures, advice, and empower customers with “real” knowledge about blinds (…the things typical commission sales reps won’t even discuss).

Why are we doing this?…

We’ve listened to our customers and acted on their advice.

Knowledge and Information is the key, and as we enter our 3rd decade of business, we have the knowledge to offer customers precisely what they are after:

  • The most practical advice to blinds buyers
  • Real photo testimonials of our actual products and installations
  • Unfiltered news from the Blinds industry
  • All kinds of practical tips and tricks
  • Detailed and Technical Product information

Stay Tuned…

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