How to find a reputable company selling blinds near me


Having been in the industry for over 30 years, we’ve come up with the following fantastic tips for picking the right blinds company for you…

Whether you’ve been researching blinds Brisbane for a while, or just started considering window blind options, you’ve no doubt asked yourself how to choose the best blinds company that’s right for you.

Indeed what will be the right fit that will suit your needs from start to finish?

Start with your Budget


Like any other home related purchase you make, it is natural to compare your available options based on their price points. For the more budget-conscious buyers, realize that you may be sacrificing quality of both product and of professional installation, as well as having to choose from non Australian made materials or components (even if factory-made in Brisbane).

Prices can be misleading sometimes, as you may just find the perfect deal by accident even from high end and premium blinds providers.

Avoid Tricky Promotions


If a company is constantly running sales promotions such as a “buy 1 get 1 free” promotion, then be aware this might be a tricky marketing tactic.

Providing misleading discounts is an unethical sales tactic. When a company offers something like 70% off to reach their final discounted price, more than likely the original price was significantly over inflated. Some major Australian blinds brands have operated this way for decades.

By contrast, our discount structure is simple, and considers logical criteria like: quantity of blinds, complexity of installation, volume of previous orders, travel distance, etc.

Some other tricky tactics however, include offering a temporary “today only” discount at the time of quotation pressuring potential buyers to place a deposit right there and then. In fact, Flower Blinds’ sales team have won the trust (and jobs) of so many customers over the years simply by not doing this and instead being honest where by comparison, other companies utilized this very tactic and failed.

The difference between a company with a physical location VS remote/online only

Some consumers may be hesitant to buy blinds from companies without a physical office, factory or showroom. While it doesn’t necessarily signify a difference in the level of quality or service, a physical location stamps a sign of trust and credibility. It also allows customers to physically attend a showroom and physically touch and see the products in a finished state.

If physically examining the product is important to you and would like that final in-person validation before making a purchase, then consider choosing a company with a physical location.

Should I go Factory Direct?


A blinds shop doesn’t necessarily require a factory, as many companies with an extensive range of blinds (such as awnings, shutters, aluminium and timber venetian blinds, curtains, roman blinds, panel blinds, and other indoor or outdoor style blinds) — these companies wholesale from larger manufacturers around QLD or Australia.

Whilst factory direct may be considered another stamp of trust, the real main advantage of factory direct is for the business being able to attain higher margins, but it comes at other intricate drawbacks too.

Think about the Selection of Blinds Offered


If you’re purchasing blinds for the first time, you may not know what the best solution for you is. Many retailers share similarities and overlaps, but most of the time their product range will significantly vary.

Some retailers could have limited fabrics or colours, whilst others a broad extensive selection of blockout, light filtering, translucent and jacquard blind fabrics available.

What Guarantee is Offered on the Blinds


Warranties are an often overlooked albeit misinterpreted element of a blinds purchase.

As purchasing new blinds for your house or office may be a big investment, it is important to understand what the product warranty covers and what is exempt.

As a complete baseline, you should be asking about the manufacturers warranty which covers defects in components and/or workmanship. This would cover things like faulty parts or manufacturing mistakes.

Most companies (should) include conditional guarantees — meaning “subject to”. For example vertical blinds misused by leaving the slats flapping in the wind, will void the warranty due to misuse. Therefore such conditional guarantee would involve the product warranted subject to proper use.

Another example is leaving windows open during rain and leaving roller blinds exposed to the outdoor elements, which inadvertently could drench and wet-stain the fabric if not properly dried. Again, “subject to” proper use and not user neglect or misuse.

Our advice is to find out what the warranty is covering and for how long does the warranty last.

Also don’t forget to inquire about installation warranty. Usually most companies will outlay a 12 month installation warranty as a standard.

What Terms and Conditions are there?

Apart from Warranties and Payment Terms, find out if there are any other terms and conditions. Some quotes have this outlined or linked to a website.

These may include: measuring fees, removal of existing or old blinds, or other processing or admin fees. Some companies will provide you with “an offer you can’t refuse” with a price so low, but with all these extra hidden fees hidden in the fine print.

There are other natural exceptions such as extra fees to cover non-access to fitters on the scheduled installation day, or extra fees determined by the company if the fitting location changes between initial quoting and when it comes time to install (for example where an entire bathroom window gets tiled over resulting in a smaller opening size).

Also worth pointing out, that in most cases, as blinds are a custom made item (rather than a shelf item), most companies will not offer change of mind refunds or order cancellations.

Flower Blinds Brisbane is really transparent with its Warranties and T&C’s, as we believe in honest business practices.

Consider Reviews, but weigh them Lightly


Like with making any purchase these days, most people are getting wiser towards reviews. How we wish we started collecting reviews from the 90’s, we would have an arsenal of 5 star positive and happy customers.

However, the truth is, reviews can be purchased. We have seen start up blind companies in Brisbane’s areas achieve impressive 100x 5-star reviews within only a few months of opening. Highly unrealistic. So our advice is to try to read between the lines and try to find patterns of customer experience, and non-the less weigh online reviews lightly.

What are the Payment Terms

Typical deposits within the blinds industry are 50%, which processes orders on into production. This is quite acceptable and has become standard practice amongst most Australian blinds companies – “50% to place the order, and 50% on installation”

Unless there is solidified trust in a company, we would advise against paying 100% upfront payment, as if there is a problem with the installation or delivery, it may be harder to retrieve your money back. This is especially true if the company simply vanishes.

We at Flower are especially lucky to have such a trusted customer base, who often want to, and will, pay us the full upfront amount just to not have to deal with money later on. But this level of trust has taken many years to build up, and our customers know we sell a quality product, and will always be looked after even after the sale and installation has been completed.

Also understand Payment Terms in terms of “how to make payments”. Most companies will accept credit and debit card payments, bank payments, and cash. Some might have a surcharge on Cheques (Flower does not). Some will accept Crypto payments. Some may offer “Interest Free” payment options (with either surcharges or price-inclusive).

Is Licensing Important?

In Queensland (and most other states and territories), window blinds does not require any specific licensing because they do not affect the structural integrity of a home. It is important however to ensure your company of choice is registered with an ABN. Any real professional window furnisher will ensure all blinds are compliant and installed according to legislative requirements.

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