How to Clean Vertical Blinds…the Proper way.


Just like any other household items or accessories, fabric vertical blinds require a clean every once in a while. So if you wish to know how to clean vertical blinds, we have prepared some guidelines and best practices to help you achieve great results.

Easy to Follow Steps

1) Remove from Track First
The first step is to remove all individual slats from the track. Our Vertical Fabric Blinds use a hook system (instead of a peg system) which makes it very easy to unhook the fabric from the track.

It is not recommended to clean vertical blinds whilst the fabric is still hung on the track (simply to avoid unnecessary pressure or accidental damage to them).

2) Remove dust from Track
The track/rail can accumulate dust as well, often on top and on the sides. You don’t want to be putting freshly cleaned vertical blind fabric slats onto a dusty track. The easiest way to clean the track is to wipe it across with a clean cloth. Dusting with a feather duster will also do the trick. You don’t have to take it off the brackets. Also please avoid cleaning inside the track as they are lubricated with a special blinds industry silicone which keeps the components operating smoothly for many years.

3) Lay on Clean Flat Surface
Lay down the bundle of slats on a flat surface to avoid creasing the fabric. Only work with 1 slat at a time when you clean your vertical blinds.

4) Wipe Down with Microfibre Cloth
The best method is using a clean microfibre cloth to wipe down each slat from top to bottom. Feel free to prepare a small bucket or bowl of warm water (no greater than 30 degrees celcius) and add a tiny diluted amount of soap or dishwashing liquid. A couple drops usually suffices.

5) Scrub Away Stains with a Sponge
For a deeper spot clean, you can use a gentle sponge to target specific areas where needed. Don’t let the curtains soak in the water.

6) Hang to Dry
Once cleaned, ensure that the blinds aren’t drenched or wet, and simply hang the blades back onto the track. They will completely air dry off over a few hours. You can keep your doors and windows open for more breeze, just as long as the fabric slats aren’t flapping in the windw (as this may cause damage to your vertical blind).

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you put Vertical Blinds in Washing Machine?

can I wash vertical blinds in washing machine

No. Most fabric vertical blinds are not washing machine or tumble dryer safe (even on a light wash). Putting them through this will inevitably crease the blind, fray the fabric and possibly even shrink. With the washing machine approach, you do not have cleaning control, and the machine will not be as soft as doing it manually.

Can you use Vinegar to Clean Vertical Blinds?

Can I use vinegar on Vertical Blinds

Depends on the fabric, and just like with soap, try a diluted amount with warm water first, on a single slat, to check how it affects the blind. White vinegar tends to be a clean and neutral cleaning agent, but the key is to maintain a highly diluted amount with water.

How do I get my Vertical Blinds White again?

For very bright white colours, you clean vertical blinds the same way like any other blinds. It is important not to use any bleach, as this could break the coating up and reveal the raw fabric layer underneath.

What is the Fastest way to Clean my Blinds?

What is the fastest way to clean vertical blinds

The fastest way is simply using a feather duster and wiping down each slat while they are still hanging, though we don’t recommend this as it could cause unnecessary and un-natural tension on the components.

Can you Steam Clean Vertical Blinds?

can I steam clean vertical blinds

We’ve never tried so cannot comment on this, though would predict it wouldn’t end well. The extreme close up heat source would probably remove everything including dust, dirt and possibly even the blockout coating.

How to Wash Vertical Blinds in the Bath?

Can I wash vertical slats in a bath tub

So you may have found us by performing a Google search “How to clean vertical blinds”, and other people may have also written some advice on their websites. We have to take care regarding the advice we offer, and point out that this is only general advice, and everyone will have a different level of required cleaning.

Bath cleaning is a trick which we do not recommend, but some people have had incredible results.

Here is how it works:

  • Each blade is submerged in the bathtub consisting of luke warm water.

  • This can achieve great results as you can really get rid of dust and dirt all in one go.

  • Make sure any soap is highly diluted

  • Gently wipe down the material using a clean cloth

Word of Caution: We do not recommend this approach, even though some people have had success with cleaning their fabric blinds this way.

What happens if something breaks?

For very old blinds (often the old fibreglass) it is highly risky to clean vertical blinds, as the chance of accidental damage is higher than new blinds. If you accidentally damage the blinds during spot cleaning, they can be replaced. Our factory manufactures vertical blinds, and we offer a wide variety of modern and stylish fabric range, both blockout and light filtering. Our price for slats only are affordable, and any customer will find it easy to measure themselves and collect straight from our factory. We do not have an online shopping cart, but our personal service is highly dedicated – Call us or visit us in person. We can help you with DIY if you wish to install yourself.

Can I Vacuum the fabric slats?

how to clean blinds

Our advice is to be very careful with vacuum cleaning fabric vertical blinds. Firstly, even high quality fabrics can crease. Secondly, even when using a special dusting brush attachment, care must be taken. We do not recommend this approach, either for rental properties or for your own home.

Where can I go if I need more Help?

Flower Blinds do not offer blinds cleaning services, but having been in the industry for over 30 years, we have extensive knowledge to offer. If you get to a point where you are unsure and need help, feel free to call us or email us, send pictures, and we will provide our professional expertise.

For property managers and real estates, our blinds maintenance service can investigate the condition of existing vertical blinds, and we can make intelligent recommendations regarding which blinds need maintenance or replacing.

So to Summarize How to Clean Vertical Blinds...

We recommend the soft and manual approach, taking good measure not to crease the fabrics. By carefully dusting the track, remove the fill of slats off entirely. Wash/Clean each vertical blinds slat one by one, spot cleaning any dirt or stains off the material. Ensure the warm water has a highly diluted amount of soap or dish wash liquid (only very little). Wipe with a soft cloth from top to bottom. Be gente when you rehang the slats so to not accidentally break any part. Avoid vacuum or brush attachments or washing in a washing machine. Your home living space will look and smell fresh after a proper clean. If you need help, feel free to get in touch with us for advice.

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