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Forcefield Stainless Steel Security

Stainless Steel Security is the pinnacle of home window screens and security doors, providing the highest level of protection and keeping your family safe from prowlers and break ins.

There are a number of different types and brands available in the Brisbane market, with many substantial differences between each individual security screen system. After 30 years in the industry, our preferred and chosen solution is Forcefield by Prowler Proof, manufactured right here in Brisbane.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tests exactly does this security pass?

The Forcefield brand of security doors and security window screens we offer has been thoroughly tested through the following conditions:

  • Dynamic Impact Test
  • Jemmy Test
  • Knife Shear Test
  • Pull Test
  • Probe Test
  • Cyclone & US Hurricane
  • Fire Attenuation
  • Energy and UV Light
  • European Standards
  • Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test
  • Neutral Salt Spray Test
  • Mosquito Protection Test
  • Access Control
  • Fall Prevention

For a more thorough look into this extensive testing, please visit the official Prowler Proof website found here.

Do you manufacture Forcefield yourself in your Factory?

Unlike many other brands, Forcefield is manufactured strictly in one Australian Factory. The Prowler Proof company wholesales to certified dealers (like Flower Blinds) who can then professionally supply and install the product for you.

Is upgrading to Stainless Steel Security worth it?

Forcefield Security provides unmatched superior strength and is built to last a very long time. Compared with 7mm diamond security screens, the stainless steel mesh variant is cost-wise a more premium option and consequently comes at a premium price point. The difference is an end result far more secure and elegant than other alternatives.

What do I look for when choosing the right home security?

Make sure your security needs match the level of security being offered, and on par with the price you are willing to pay. Also when comparing quotes, we would advise to accurately compare the specific details for example while many alternatives pass the Australian Standard Testing and receive a tick, it is worth comparing at what levels did the different brands pass at.

Also when comparing “apples with apples” ensure the stainless steel woven mesh is 316 Marine Grade Stainless as apposed to non-marine graded which do not have the same level of corrosion resistance as the type we offer.

A final quick point is on the reputation of the retailer and/or contractor. Whilst installation could theoretically be undertaken by anyone, the level of security is only as strong as its installation. Flower Blinds holds true to this and all fitters follow a strict installation method for all types of doors, windows, casement windows, or other installation scenarios. All installations meet and surpass every Australian standard laid out.

Free In-Home Consultations

Our consultants offer a pressure-free quote service, showing you available colours, and allowing you to decide on your purchase in your own time. No superficial pushy sales reps, just good old service as it should be, coupled with professional advice.

Our Brisbane team of experienced fitters perform a free measure, and offer perfection in their installation. They install according to a strict set of requirements.

Final Thoughts

Forcefield 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel security screens and doors provide excellent security and an unmatched level of quality. They look aesthetically pleasing and add visual appeal to modern homes.

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