Easy Replacement Slats for Vertical Blinds

how to replace vertical blind fabric slats blades

Yes, you can now order replacement vertical blind slats
directly from our Brisbane factory. Here’s how:

Whether your old vertical blinds in your home are outdated and need some work, or your rental property blinds have been damaged by tenants, the best part about vertical blinds is that they are versatile and each individual slat can be easily replaced.



Take down or unhook the old existing fabric slat from the track. Usually this is simply hooked on to the track.


Double check if the slat width is 127mm or 89mm wide. Technically there is also a 100mm width, but very uncommon and we only come across the 100mm wide vertical blinds every few years.


Lay down the slat on a flat surface. Never measure the blind slat when its still hanging.


Run a tap measure from one end of the slat all the way to the other end. Mark down this measurement – it is your final slat size.


Next step is to match the existing slat colour with something currently available as close as possible. We welcome all visitors to our showroom where we can try to match your fabric as close as possible. Simply bring in your slat and your noted measurements needed, and we’ll help you do the rest.

  • Usually vertical blind replacement slats cost between $4 each to $18 each, depending on type, fabric, colours, and length.

  • We include a free chainless bottom weight and a new hanger with each slat.

  • We can find a very close suitable blockout colour in the SUNSET fabric range which usually is in stock. You can view these blockout colours right here.


Providing we have the required fabric in stock and it is only a few slats you require, we usually can try to make them straight away for you within minimal wait time. For larger orders or where fabric is required, please allow for a few working days for them to be made.


Completed slat orders go through final quality control before the order is marked as complete. So you can install your DIY blind slats with peace of mind.


What happens if I can’t match colour?

Usually there are many options available to match against, but sometimes (and especially with older fabrics) it may be simply impossible to match well against any other fabric range. In this case the only approach is “close enough is good enough”.

We still have some remaining rolls of vertical blind fabric which are long discontinued (including some premium quality light filtering, blockout, and translucent).

If the replacement slats cannot be 100% exactly matched, then we recommend putting that slat at the end or beginning on the bunch. This is especially true for doors so that the look is not too apparent, but also applies to windows as well.

matching vertical blind fabrics

What if the Track is Broken as well?

Technically we can also replace tracks for vertical blinds, and custom-made them to your required dimensions, but there are so many different systems and profiles, it may be easier to get a professional to do this for you.

None the less, vertical blinds are significantly easier to undergo maintenance, repairs or replacements, as each part is separate from every other part. Roller blinds by contrast come in 1 big piece, and the only separate part is the chain driver. This is why vertical blinds are great for rentals, and usually the perfect window covering even for your own home.

broken vertical blind track hooks


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