Why Verticals are the Most practical blind?

Vertical blinds are the most widely sold blinds product on the market, and by far the most practical. They can be made to suite any window, shade, and home design, and are fully customizable in terms of their appearance.

Verticals offer full light control, meaning you can control the angle at which the slats are turned, as well as control how open the blind is on the entire window. They can be customized to open in certain directions, controls can be either wand or chain operated, and bottom weights come in a variety of choices.

Our vertical blind fabrics are state of the art, consisting of 5 times coated and threaded PVC, creating a full 100% blockout effect from the sun and heat. It's texture has a natural anti-dust coating, which repels most dust particles (compared with other blind types which collect dust easily). The fabric comes with a 5 year warranty against fading, curling, and any other natural damage from the harsh Australian Sun.

Vertical Blinds look great in any home or office design, and the choice of colours to match are impressive. Vertical blinds which opening up by splitting into 2 sections (such as over a doorway) can be customized with different shaded fabric, to create a modern take of the traditional curtains.

Vertical blind tracks operate via a faily system mechanism of inter-connected links. We use aluminium spacer links, as apposed to plastic links which are common on the market. Our carriers hook onto hangers which hang the blind. All parts are easily replaceable, which adds the the practicality of repairing vertical blind tracks.

The final aspect is the practicality of price and ordering. As verticals are very popular, and for this reason they are an easily manufactured product. Vertical blinds have the most competitive pricing compared to most other blind types, and are great for rental properties due to their durability and affordability.