How to Clean Blinds

Like all household items, your blinds collect dust over time. Most blinds are easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. But its good practice to take them down and properly wash them a few times a year, to keep them looking new. The most common blinds are Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds, and Venetian blinds (both timber and aluminium). Venetians have a greater tendency to collect dust, which is also more visible on horizontal slat blinds, as apposed to vertical slat blinds.

Quick Note: When cleaning vertical blinds, its best to take each individual vertical slat off the blind. They are hanging on a clip and are easily taken down.

Quick Cleaning

If your blinds only have a barely noticable amount of dust on them, a simple feather duster is sufficient to freshen up your blinds. With the blind open, gently brush through each slat, collecting dust as you go. For hard-to-reach corners of the blind, we recommend a soft damp cloth. Important: Do not use any detergents or strong liquids. We have found that water acts as the best cleaning agent.


In most cases, wiping down blinds will suffice. For extensively dirty blinds, sometimes a vacuum with brush attachment is the best option. Vaccuum with the blinds closed, and make sure you do this gently not to damage any parts of the blind.

Blind Cleaning Services

Sometimes it's best to leave the cleaning to the experts. If you find cleaning your blinds is difficult or don't wish to accidentally break something, then hiring blind cleaners is a good option.

For old blinds that are beyond cleaning...Replace them with Brand New Fresh Ones!