Cord & Blind Safety

The Australian Government has enforced strict regulations regarding the installation of blinds. Blinds fitted with loose cords and chains can be a serious safety hazard to infants and small animals. There have been over 10 reported strangulations in Australia in the last 15 years. Cord safety is a serious priority, and needs to be acknowledged properly.

The Queensland Government have outlines several steps involved in keeping infants safe. You can find these steps here (

Cords and chains need to be fastened securely to a nearby fitting on a wall or window frame. The best way to do this is by fastening with screws, as apposed to double sided tape. The chains and cords must be sufficiently tight to prevent looping or looseness. All fitted blinds must have safety labels fitted to them or the fixture. For more information, please see the official government website (

Flower Blinds firmly adheres to the new Government blinds satefy practices, and we all ensure all installed blinds have secured cords, and all supplied blinds come with cord-safe brackets for mounting.

The Best Cord-Safe prevention method is buying Wand Controlled blinds!